Professional Pebble Dash Repairs

Our Pebble Dash Repair Is The Affordable Way To Add Value To Your Home And Make It Look Like New.

Textured Exterior Wall Coating the ideal invisible mend for Pebbledash Repair

Wall and Roof Coating Ltd are market leaders in the field of restoration concerned with the inevitable deterioration of Pebble Dash and Tyrolean external wall renders

With age both Pebble Dash and Tyrolean suffer with penetrating damp causing a delaminating process from the substrate beneath the surface of the outdoor wall and very often severe internal damp problems.The total removal of Pebbeledash can be an expensive and destructive exercise whereas hammer testing for loss of key followed by careful restoration of those particular areas with a match to existing profile can provide a suitable substrate for Treatexwall resin bonding.

​Plasperseal exterior wall coating is a resin bonded decorative finish available in the colour of your choice to provide an exterior damp proof membrane that has been specified for masonry type walling subjected to harsh climatic conditions throughout the UK over a period of forty-five years with guaranteed proof of performance. Available in a range of heritage pastel shades and brilliant white designed to provide a face lift into the twenty first century from a bygone era of drab Pebbledash austerity.

Perlite Thermal Insulation is now available as an added ingredient and will benefit homes with solid wall construction. Consisting of millions of hollow ceramic vacuum segments, each no larger than a grain of sand, it enables the exterior fabric to preserve heat like a thermos flask. Warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer plus a considerable saving on the energy bill.

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