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Choose a premium breathable waterproof roof treatment guaranteed to extend the life of the existing roof tiles

Roof Coating That Lasts For Years

The perfect choice for a low-cost alternative to re-roofing your home. Protection, renewal, sustainability all in one specification! The only authentic and complete roof coating solution on the market today. Backed by a 15 year guarantee with thirty-five years proof of performance

The benefits our roof renovating coating application gives to you:

  • Total overhaul of your roof.
  • Total UK weather proofing.
  • Reduces excessive heat gain in the summer.
  • Provides a good-as-new, beautiful looking roof
  • Increases property values
  • Anti-mould, anti-fungal and anti-lichen protection
  • Complete roof protection for years to come
  • Gutters clear of moss, sand & aggregate
  • Complete roof protection for years to come
  • Maintenance free ideal for clean rainwater harvesting.
  • Suitable for both residential and commercial property
  • An affordable and sustainable alternative to re-roofing
  • Breathable coating, preventing condensation build up
  • 15 Year product and satisfaction guarantee

Brickwork Repairs

Andura Roofguard offers this ultimate range of high performance coatings for the exterior protection and decoration of your roof

This waterproof roof coating contains highly effective anti-mouldanti-fungal and anti-lichen protection.

What Buildings are suitable for this roof coating?

  • Housing Authorities and Estates
  • Hospitals
  • Residential Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Apartment Blocks
Our Roof coating colours are local authority approved and can be selected from the following range.
  • Terracotta
  • Rustic
  • Dark Brown
  • Charcoal Grey
  • Winter Green
  • Clear
  • Our Top 10 tips for Roof Maintenance
    1. Ladders, lofts and roofs present particular hazards, if in doubt use a surveyor or a reputable builder
    2. Inspect your roof twice a year from ground level, binoculars can be helpful, a neighbouring property may be a useful vantage point
    3. Inspection through the loft access trap may show daylight penetration possibly caused by missing covering or damaged flashings
    4. Debris on the ground from broken slates, tiles or shingles indicates that there may be a problem
    5. Have missing tiles, slates or shingles reinstated before damage occurs to roof timbers or plaster ceilings
    6. Moss attachment to roof tiles will retain moisture which may damage the roof covering in frosty weather, careful removal is advisable
    7. Hips, ridges and flashings can become detached in windy weather if pointing is not maintained. Look in gutters or gullies for signs of mortar droppings
    8. Leaning Chimneys or pots may need attention, seek expert advice
    9. Where a fuel fire is used check for smoke exiting through brickwork or at base of pots, pointing and re-flaunching may be required
    10. Many roof coverings such as lead or thatch require specialist repair. Do not use unskilled labour or quick-fix materials as these will cause greater long-term damage

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